The Dog Wash

Self Serve Coin Operated Dog Wash, Rockport Texas 78382

DIY Rockport-Fulton TX Dog Wash

Rockport Texas Dog Wash

Self Serve Coin Operated Dog Wash in Rockport-Fulton TX. is located next to the Pirate Coin Laundry. Our dog grooming and wash facility provides a pet friendly, quick, easy and economical way to wash your pets. The Evolution Dog Wash is a blast to use and provides a sleek, comfortable design that your loved ones will enjoy every time.


Dog Washing Options Include

  • Shampoo
  • Flea Shampoo Rinse
  • Condition
  • Low Blow

Dog Washing Steps 

Shampoo – A gentle shampoo wash. Work thru coat. Time 2-4 minutes 

Flea Shampoo – Flea control wash. Work thru coat then rinse. Time 2-3 minutes

Rinse – Rinsing wash. Rinse pet as needed. Time 1-2 minutes

Condition – A gentle conditioner. Moisturizer for coat health. Time 1-2 minutes

Blow Dry (High-Low) – Blow dry animal coat. Use towel to aid drying. Time 4-5 minutes

Disinfect Tub – Remove your pet, rinse tub and replace hoses. DO NOT SPRAY ANIMAL

Dog Wash Options

$1, $5, $10 bills or quarters. This machine does not give change so you will need to ask the Pirate Coin Laundry attended for change. If you have any further question about the products being used, please direct them to the attendant or call (361) 230-1260